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Drawing Resources

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Drawing a Portrait!

Do you recognize any of these all-too-common drawing faux pas? Discover 7 mistakes that professional artists avoid like the plague and how you can too!


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10 Steps to Drawing a Realistic Horse

Your childhood dream awaits! Bring a beautiful horse to life on paper with these 10 easy-to-follow steps


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How to Draw Accurately Without Using a Grid

Trade in your grid for this one unexpected tool and achieve the accuracy you've been after!


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Which Pencils Work Best for Drawing?

Darrel Tank put a number of pencil brands to the test and here are the answers about which ones give the best results...


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7  Secrets That Will Add Depth and Dimension to Your Drawings

A sheet of paper will always be flat… which makes “popping” your drawings off the page with these simple secrets all the more exciting!


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Start Drawing Faster, With Greater Accuracy — No Extra Tools Required!

Freehand drawing skills will come with time… Start having fun and seeing progress now by discovering the graphite transfer method!


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Showcase Your Artwork — Judgement Free!

Want to share your artwork, be inspired by the work of others, give and receive drawing advice, and make lasting friendships with artists from around the world? Then you should be a member of the 5-Pencil Method Community! Click on the link below to learn more and create your FREE profile…


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Discover How a “Lightbox” Can Help You Experience the Joy of Drawing Sooner!

Don’t stress about mastering free-hand drawing (yet). Enjoy your journey to mastery by learning how to use a lightbox to start your drawings!


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Improve Your Drawing Skills With These 5 FREE Classes

Discover how to draw realistic works of art that “pop” off of your paper! In just five, fun and easy drawing classes, you’ll discover many of the skills and techniques you need to approach any new drawing project with confidence!


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Meet Darrel Tank

Darrel Tank is a professional artist and educator with over 45 years of experience. His greatest strength lies in his ability to demystify and declutter the art of drawing, making it fun, formative, and completely accessible to anyone!


His drawings and illustrations have been featured in over 400 publications and his unique 5-Pencil Method drawing DVDs and online classes have inspired countless artists from around the globe.


Darrel invites you to pick up a pencil, grab your paper, and discover the joy of drawing for the first time or all over again!

Drawings Created by Students

A passion for drawing and dedication to the 5-Pencil Method have brought students from around the world together to create unique and inspiring works of art! Check out these amazing drawings from just a few of Darrel’s talented students…

Monika L.

Ginger B..

Bette C.

Marc S.

Anilda P.


“I still believe Darrel's videos got me through the tough times going through my chemo treatments. Got me back to my drawing and got my mind off the rough times.”


“If I had not stumbled across Darrel Tank's awesome site and got a spark for art back in my life, I would never have started drawing again. If I had not learned to draw with the tools Darrel recommends I would have been discouraged and given up a long time ago.”

“In a year I went from not being able to draw anything to drawing very realistic portraits. Thanks to Darrel's great teachings, patience, and encouragement.”


“I cannot thank you enough for all of your 5-Pencil Method tutorials. Absolute beginners and advanced portrait artists alike can garner much skill and confidence by taking your classes. I truly cannot thank you enough. My portraits (pets and people!) have improved 100% since participating in the online classes.”

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