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Weekly Online Drawing Classes. Draw Better Than You Ever Imagined Possible. 
Make Some Friends Along the Way!

Darrel Tank’s online drawing class, Art Studio, as we like to call it, exists for one purpose: To help you uncover and develop your drawing talent! Art Studio is your headquarters for learning how to draw realistic portraits, animals, landscapes and more!

It’s simple…..
…..JOIN NOW and then log in to your membership profile and gain instant and unlimited access to all of the powerful drawing project videos within!  These include 4 beginning collections - over 20 lessons, a brand new class added each week, and more depending on which Art Studio Class you choose (see details below).

Get unprecedented exposure to Darrel’s lifetime of drawing experience and discover fundamental skills like:· ✏️Recommendations of proper materials for the most realistic drawings possible
AND the reasoning behind each choice….·
✏️ A proven way to hold a pencil and position your hand for consistently accurate strokes…·
✏️ The secret to creating “3D” drawings that seem to “pop” right off your paper…·
✏️ How to layout your drawings using a method that virtually guarantees accuracy…·
✏️ And much, much more!

Plus, with our huge supply of step-by-step, guided drawing projects, you’ll never have to search for a portrait, landscape or animal subject on which to practice these skills!

Pair this with the ability to chat with other artists from around the world during live classes (Classic only), access to the 5-Pencil Method Community for sharing your artwork, and special pricing and promotions on new project downloads……And you have the ultimate resource for mastering realistic drawing – regardless of your current skill level!  Ready to try out all of the fun waiting on the other side?

Both monthly membership classes come with these features:
✏️ Each subscription includes 4 project collections (over 20 lessons) all ready for you to begin your 5 Pencil Method journey. They are the basis for all of Darrel’s teachings.
✏️ The ability to add a new project collection to your library each month you remain a member.
✏️ Critiques available for separate purchase – Darrel will add student critiques to the end of each live class.
✏️ At the end of most projects, Darrel offers a FREE STUDENT CRITIQUE class where ANY member can submit their own work (5Pencil subject or their own) for critiquing. This class is always a favorite.
✏️ Access to the 5 Pencil Community of over 25,000 artists who share their art and encourage one another. 

(Or better yet, join both at a huge savings…)

If you choose to join both classes, we have a subscription called ART STUDIO ULTIMATE. You get the second class FOR HALF PRICE! So both classes are only $59 per month!

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FREE 7 DAY TRIAL - then $39/mo

  • ✏️ Darrel rotates between Drawing Challenge projects, Drawing What Matters, Drawing Simplified, Triad Projects, and shorter portrait, landscape
    and animal projects
    ✏️ Graphite and Color Pencil projects 
    ✏️ Project lengths range from 2 to 12 weeks
    ✏️ Over 20 projects (160 plus lessons) of Darrel’s past classes for members to peruse and work on
    in between classes
    ✏️ Watch a NEW class (2 hours plus) broadcasted LIVE each Wednesday night at 8 pm EST, or the recording is available for you to watch anytime 
    ✏️ Join in the LIVE CHAT with other students from around the world, ask Darrel questions in real time 
    ✏️ Learn how to tackle Drawing Challenges that can stump even experienced artists

    The fast track to becoming a phenomenal artist! Our students enjoy the camaraderie of joining together each week to chat during the live class, however, you are not required to participate if you just like watching.  It really can become your Art Studio Family.
    If you like drawing a range of subjects in both graphite and color, enjoy shorter projects that you can choose to take further on your own but then also move on to a new one… then this class is for you.

ArtStudio Photorealism


  • ✏️ This new class offering will take you further in to learning how to create drawings that
    look like photos.  
    ✏️ Beginners welcome! Not only for advanced artists. Darrel loves to show even the beginning student that they too can take a drawing to that PHOTOREALISM level.  It just takes time….
    ✏️ Mostly Graphite Pencil projects (Darrel may through in a Color Pencil project once in a while) 
    ✏️ Project lengths range from 15-20 weeks 
    ✏️ 12 past PhotoRealism projects
    (over 160 lessons) for members to peruse and work on
    in between classes
    ✏️ A NEW class recording (2 hours plus) will be posted on Monday evening EST each week and is available for you to watch anytime

    If you enjoy the prospect of seeing what you can really do with graphite pencils, and are willing to put in the time needed to create a masterpiece… you will enjoy Art Studio PHOTOREALISM.
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