“This is an awesome drawing technique. I can't believe how much I've improved.” - Bill


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Watch This First

Core Concepts and Exercises

Before you watch any other 5-Pencil Method drawing lessons, you need to watch — and practice — the Core Concepts and Exercises.

Every other drawing lesson is based on these fundamental core concepts. Don’t skip this!

You will find out...

  • The stroke to use in 99% of your drawing
  • How to be in control of your pencil
  • How to have “flow and grace”
  • The secret to building smooth shading
  • Which materials give the best, proven results
  • And much, much more

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Draw a Portrait from Start to Finish

How to Draw a Portrait

In this 3-DVD set, you’ll start with how to create an accurate layout — and how to train yourself to see. Then, follow along as Darrel shows you how to take the skills you learned in “Core Concepts and Exercises” to draw an entire portrait from start to finish.

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Draw Awesome Hair

How to Draw Hair

  • Afros
  • Dreadlocks
  • White beards
  • Short beards
  • Dark beards
  • Part in hair
  • Blond hair
  • Black hair
  • Curly hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Braids
  • Hairline transitions

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...and the rest of the "wow-I-get-it-now" drawing lessons.

Window to the Soul

How to Draw Eyes

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Let's Talk About...

How to Draw Mouths

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As plain as...

How to Draw Noses

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Hear ye, hear ye

How to Draw Ears

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Bite-sized drawing lessons. Apply your new drawing skills to real (small) subjects.