Draw Amazing,
Realistic Hair

Using This
Simple Tool
(And it’s on the house — if you’ll spring for a few stamps.)

You should know, too...

This tool is good for more than just long, straight hair!

You’ll use it to create...
...incredible natural curly black hair...
...wavy hair...
...blonde hair... hair...
...fur on kittens, puppies, and horses...
...grass that looks like you could lie down on it and take a nap...

So why does this method work so well?

Because this 2" camel-hair brush is the perfect tool to soften your graphite lines, subtly darken the lighter areas of your drawing by “casting” a thin, even layer of graphite, which keeps you in control and sets you up for creating layers that seem to be behind and layers that seem to “pop” forward. The result is a stunning depth and realism to your drawing that can make your heart flutter.

Of course, the really important question is…

Why would anyone give a brush away for free? What’s the “catch”?

It’s pretty simple, actually.

I believe that there’s a good chance that once you see how well these drawing techniques work that you’ll “catch the bug”.

The thrill of drawing will inspire you like never before. You’ll have the irresistible urge to create new masterpieces. To take your drawing skills to new heights.

You’ll be happier! The world will be a better place!


...there’s a good chance that a few folks who get inspired (maybe you) will remember that I teach art classes and register to join me.

That helps support my quest to educate and inspire artists all over the world! (a quest for which I’ve spent a lifetime preparing!)

I just think of it as a constant cycle of paying it forward.


It has to be mentioned that this giveaway is a bit of an experiment. If it ends up costing too much to give brushes away at some point, we may be forced to stop doing this.

(In other words, no promises that this webpage will be available forever.)

So if you think you want a free brush to see what amazing new adventures in art lie ahead for you, be sure to order one now with the form on the rightbelow.

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This free brush offer is not some marketing company’s ploy to find people interested in buying art brushes. Nope. Your information will be used to send your free brush and never shared with anyone else. One brush request per human. We reserve the right to cancel any request for a free brush and issue a full refund for postage.