Draw the ears in your next portrait with new-found confidence...
...and without the extra parts you think you see — but aren’t really there
Sometimes what you don’t draw is just as important as what you do draw.
It’s one of those odd things about our minds: if we’re not careful it can outright lie to us... and tell us to draw something that isn’t even there.
Often, even when looking at a reference photo that we’re following... we will still miss the important details -- often clues to what is obscured and should only be hinted at or is totally missing and shouldn’t even be in our drawing at all.
Of course, it’s not all about what should be left out... it’s important that the parts of the ear that are supposed to be there are drawn correctly.
And, because of how ears are connected to our heads, the parts of the ear that show -- and the parts that don’t -- can drastically change from one person to the next. And from one angle to the next. Are you looking at the front? The side? A little bit of an angle? Is it a portrait of people hugging, and you need to show the backside of the ear?
You wouldn’t think an ear could be so deceptive, or tricky to draw until you begin to understand all of the possible problems that must be avoided.
Without getting the ear accurate, it may just seem like your drawing isn’t quite right... something you can’t quite put your finger on. It might even be throwing other parts of your drawing off.
In fact, the ear can be one of the biggest indicators of perspective, depth and dimension in a drawing.
The new “How to Draw Ears” series will give you the answers to how you can do all of these things.
And that’s in just the first half.
You will also learn how to draw “An Ear with Character” -- capturing the nuances of an elderly man’s ear and making the age lines complement him instead of becoming harsh lines that look like scars or scratches.
And then, as an added benefit for you, there’s a lesson on drawing an earring in an ear. You’ll not only learn how to make a natural dimple around the piercing, but you’ll see how to draw the reflective, metallic earring spiral.
Imagine how much you will improve the ears -- and the entire result -- in your next drawing.
The new “How to Draw Ears” series is only $46.95!
Of course, as always, I fully guarantee these drawing tutorials that if you’re not thrilled with what you learn and feel that you haven’t received more value than you had expected, you can simply return the product for an entire year from your date of purchase and your money will be happily refunded to you.
All you have to do is contact Debbie, and she will happily refund your money, no questions asked.
Running time: 119 minutes
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