How to turn a blank sheet of paper into
a realistic graphite portrait —
anytime you feel like it!
Discover the essential skills you need to draw any realistic graphite portrait, anytime, anywhere…
Have you ever wanted to draw a realistic graphite portrait, but been frustrated by hard-to-understand instruction, or tutorials that only teach you enough to draw a specific subject or facial feature?
Sure, you can learn how to draw the project at hand—if you really read between the lines—but in the end you can’t help but feel like you haven’t truly learned how to draw.
You aren’t alone…
Thousands of should-be artists have given up drawing due to an overwhelming lack of progress.
But you don’t have to!
In his series The 5-Pencil Method Approach to Portrait Drawing, Darrel Tank offers the unique opportunity to draw a portrait from start to finish AND learn the vital drawing skills that will give you the confidence and power to draw any subject, anywhere, anytime!
Picture it! You pick up a freshly sharpened pencil, press the lead to the blank sheet of paper sitting before you, and you simply lose yourself in the sweet symphony of pencil on paper! No guess work, no fumbling through pencils trying to figure out which one to use and at what time to use it, and most importantly—no reason why you can’t draw the best darn portrait you’ve ever drawn!
After 50 years as a professional artist and illustrator, Darrel Tank has made it his goal to share his thorough understanding of realistic graphite pencil drawing with anyone willing to learn. And, now over the past decade, he has inspired tens-of-thousands of students from around the world to meet their full artistic potential!
Darrel Tank’s The 5-Pencil Method Approach to Portrait Drawing is a fun, informative, and simple way for you to:
  • Draw a Portrait from Start to Finish — Your confidence will soar as you learn the “insider secrets” to drawing life-like portraits while actually completing an entire “ready-to-frame” portrait!
  • Unlock the Fundamentals — Learn the “universal visual concepts” that will become the foundation that you build every other drawing/painting/sculpture upon.
  • Gain a Lifetime of Experience — Darrel’s 50 years of experience are yours for the taking! Bypass years of time-consuming mistakes by acquiring Darrel’s secrets for overcoming some of the most common frustrations artists face when learning how to draw.
Darrel’s dynamic teaching method is rooted in science and inspired by art! With each new lesson, you’ll apply the skills from previous lessons while adding and developing new and exciting techniques one at a time—science has proven that this is how we learn best!
However, Darrel also gives you the freedom to develop your own unique artistic style. Each lesson is structured so that you learn the fundamentals needed to get started, but with the understanding that as you grow you can modify them to fit your own approach.
I love to watch Darrel draw, and I'm amazed at how he's able to help me improve. Every class I learn something and improve!" — Cindy
The Perfect Companion
This 5-DVD package is the perfect companion to Darrel’s “How to Draw a Portrait” series. Not only do you get a front-row seat as Darrel brings a portrait to life, but you’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at the nuances and philosophy that Darrel brings to each and every portrait.
A Solid Foundation
Let’s think of it this way: You can watch another artist draw all day, trace their every line, follow all of their strokes exactly, and end up with a beautiful picture of their grandson. But, let’s say you want to draw your own grandchild. You need to understand the core concepts and principles so you can capture your own grandchild’s unique character.
Draw Almost Anything
You can give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime! In this jam-packed tutorial, you’re going to learn how to fish (well, draw actually). Darrel gives you the principles you need to make any drawing amazing—not just the project at hand.
Anytime, Anywhere
You’ll benefit from 40+ years of Darrel’s hard work and experience, all in a super sweet art class that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.
  • 8 “Uncut” Art Studio classes that give you access to everything Darrel taught in each class
  • Your choice of a 5-DVD boxed set or 8 downloadable video files
  • Download format can be played on your computer through iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or other video-compatible mobile device. (Plus, you don’t pay shipping—or wait for customs.)
  • “Region 0” DVDs can be played on any DVD player in any country
  • PDFS of all the homework assignments, handouts and class resources
  • Selected student critiques at the end of lessons to show Darrel’s recommendations for improving your own assignments
  • A no-risk, peace-of-mind guarantee that gives you a 365-day tryout—love it or we’ll buy it back!
We expect that you may be ready to start drawing life-like portraits right now! So, just click the “Add to Cart” button below and get one of these DVD sets started on it’s way through the mail to you right away—or get a download started so you can begin your lessons in the next couple of minutes.
(Of course, if you want to learn a little more... keep scrolling down. We got a lot more to show you about the fun you can have drawing portraits.)
The 5-Pencil Method Approach
to Drawing a Portrait
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A Firm Foundation
Discover how you can transfer your most beloved photos to drawing paper using nothing but a straightedge, divider, and the 4H pencil. Plus, train your eye to start seeing form and recognizing the shapes that make up the whole of your drawing.
Building Up the Base
Find out just how important the 4H pencil is to your drawing success. In this lesson you’ll clean up your outline and start laying down your base 4H value. You’ll also learn how far to take the 4H pencil and a great technique for using it to blend your layers of value.
In this fully loaded lesson, you’ll take the next step toward drawing picture-perfect skin textures. Learn to reinforce your 4H layer with the 2H pencil, increasing the value and “lifting” your drawing off the paper in the process.
The Softer Side
Here’s where portraits start to come alive! Learn how to apply the softer HB pencil with just the right amount of pressure and in just the right spots. You’ll also discover how all of your pencils work together to create the smooth, seamless textures people will talk about!
2B, or not to 2B
Take value to the next level with the 2B pencil. This lesson teaches how to reinforce the darkest areas of a drawing and how to work in reverse pencil order to blend all of your values together. A detailed handout shows when and where to use each pencil.
Crowning Achievement
This lesson is the “cherry on top!” Discover how hair can make or break your portrait. You’ll learn how to visualize the hair as negative shapes instead of individual strands. Also, find out which pencil Darrel deems his “hair pencil.”
Finishing Touches
The devil is in the details, and in this craft-enhancing lesson you’ll go over your portrait with a fine-toothed comb. Balance your values, smooth out transitions, clean up your lines, and pull everything together for a portrait that won’t disappoint!
Review What you Drew!
What better way to finish up a portrait than with a review? In lesson 16, Darrel will walk you through a 17-point checklist to help you become your own critic. You’ll learn tips and tricks from Darrel’s 40-plus years of experience — minus the painful mistakes.
Every tutorial comes with our 1-year satisfaction guarantee! That means there’s zero risk. If you get your tutorial and decide that it isn’t everything you hoped it would be, you can pop it back in the mail and we’ll give you your money back—no questions asked.