Imagine sitting down
at your drawing table... you find that your stress...tension...or even pain begins simply melting away? Do you have fond memories of sitting down to draw for “just five minutes” only to find yourself still drawing three hours later?
Does holding a freshly sharpened pencil in your hand give you that “itch” to discover the masterpiece waiting inside?
Do the unending possibilities held in a blank sheet of drawing paper lift your spirits, like a hot cup of coffee or a steaming spot of tea on a cold, gray morning?
If you’ve never been this excited about drawing… you’ll want to keep reading!
(And if you have... we think you’re about to experience it in a brand new way!)
Now, it’s not
It’s not magic...though watching a realistic portrait come to life may make you wonder…
It’s not impossible…thousands have learned to draw better than they ever imagined…
And it’s not an experience reserved for a lucky few at birth... though that lie has been circulating longer than anyone can remember...
But it is an opportunity…
An opportunity for you to get off the sidelines and experience the excitement that comes from discovering your passion!
It’s your chance to let the pencil in your hand transport you to a world of creativity…to start creating portraits that exceed your every expectation.
If any (or all) of this sounds like just the thing you’ve been looking for…
…you’re in for a treat!
For the first time ever, Darrel Tank—the master artist with nearly 50 years of professional drawing experience under his belt—is inviting you into his studio for the most comprehensive, complete, all-access portrait drawing experience he knows how to offer.
Darrel’s latest project, A Moment-by-Moment Journey Through Drawing a Soul-Stirring Portrait, takes you inside his studio—and inside his mind—for a moment-by-moment journey through the nuance, precision, and attention to detail that so often leave viewers of his drawings asking, “How does he do that?!”
And, you aren’t just going to watch Darrel either!
Darrel invites you to bring your paper and pencils along so that you can draw with him each moment of the way.
Countless exciting moments are in store…
…as you watch each pencil stroke from the master artist’s hand bring a portrait to life.
…experience “aha” moment after “aha” moment as the soul-stirring story of a human life unfolds on the paper before your eyes…
…and see through new eyes as your skills reach new heights and the art and craft of drawing take on a new, richer, deeper meaning.
Darrel’s teaching is so good & the fact that we see a whole drawing from start to finish is so helpful. I've bought other artists’ (coloured pencil) DVDs & they start then go take a big jump to the next & finishing details & you're left floundering without the middle important steps. So thanks Darrel for being so thorough.
- Brenda Milstein
Enlist the power of
Darrel has nearly 50 years of professional drawing experience. His work has been featured in more than 400 publications, and he has inspired thousands of artists around the world to take their art to the next level. Now it’s your turn!
Draw a soul-stirring portrait from start to finish!
Discover how Darrel carefully and skillfully combines his experience and attention to detail to create mind-blowingly realistic graphite portraits…and how you can do it too.
Discover your hidden talent.
Thousand of students have been amazed by their ability to draw the works of art they’ve always wanted! And now, you can have anytime access to all of the videos and resources you need to unlock the talent you didn’t even realize you had.
I looked back at my older pictures and realized how unfinished they all are. Mr. Mulligan has taught me so much about taking it slow and finishing the details.
- Karen R.
The first realistic portrait of that magnitude in time and detail...every step of the way...lots of learning going on in that lesson.
- Dana Worley
His teaching style breaks it down to make it make sense. He has “rules” and concrete do-it-this-way steps and I LOVE that.
- Kathleen M.
Take a look at these student homework drawings...
Here’s what you’ll find in Darrel’s classes for this project...
The Layout
Getting started has never been easier! In these first two classes, Darrel lays out exactly what you need to get started and presents the tools and confidence you need to make that first stroke. Follow along as he applies his straightedge and divider method to accurately lay out his most ambitious in-class project yet!
Base 4H Layer
With the framework in position, it’s time to prepare your paper to receive the layers of graphite needed to create your masterpiece. With the 4H pencil, you’ll lay down a base layer of graphite in the darkest regions of your drawing and pave the way for the softer pencils. This simple second step will prepare your paper and give you the opportunity to start defining facial features and clothing.
The Softer Layers
In these classes you’re tasked with using your softer pencils (HB, 2B, 4B) to build up and balance the darker values on the left side of the face. This critical step will help you create more depth and give you a wider range of value within your portrait. Plus, you’ll discover Darrel’s unique approach to erasing and find out just how important creating proper highlights is to your overall success!
Balancing Values
Until this point, the focus has been on the left side of the face (the side in the shadows). Now you’ll begin adding value to the right side to create a balance between the two. Darrel will show you how to maintain a gentle, dimension-boosting gradation that simulates how light works as it moves from the area closest to the light source, across the face, and into the shadows.
Focus on Clothing
In Focus on Clothing, Darrel shares his secrets for drawing stunning textured patterns and reveals how you can use use the rules of light to create the creases, folds, and stitching that make your textures “touchable.”
Focus on Beard
Mr. Mulligan wouldn’t be the same without his beard. That’s why drawing it—and drawing it correctly—is so essential to the success of this project. In Focus on Beard, Darrel employs his soft pencils, erasers, soft-haired brush, and knowledge of how light works to “pull” some hairs forward and “push” others into the background to create depth, variety, and ultrarealistic dimension.
Fine Tuning
People continually ask, “How does Darrel create such realistic portraits?” The truth is that he’s able to achieve so much realism because he’s devoted to investing the necessary time and energy. In these five classes, you’ll move beyond the surface of the 5-Pencil Method and dig deep into the subtle details that make all of the difference. Master the art of balancing values. Learn to spot inconsistencies. And discover how even the smallest adjustments can make a world of difference when it comes to capturing a subject’s character.
Finishing Touches
Now’s your chance to make the portrait yours! The final class takes you one last time over the entire portrait for the chance to fill in gaps, balance values, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your highlights. Then, as the crowning achievement, Darrel shares his tips for cleaning up and signing your portrait. Now that you’ve created a portrait to be proud of, go show it off!
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