The Cat Lover’s Guide
to Drawing
a Purrrfect Pet Portrait!
Discover Darrel Tank’s time-tested methods for drawing fur so soft you’ll want to reach out and pet it! (And a lot more.)
How many fond memories can you trace back to your beloved cat?
The day you brought him home. The many evenings she spent curled up in your lap in front of the TV. Even the less likable moments (at least at the time), like the days you came home to see your house plants overturned and spread around the carpet…
Your precious, amusing, fun-loving, full-of-quirky-antics kitty means the world to you and brings you so much joy. So much joy that the only thing you can imagine being better is capturing your heart-warming bundle of fur in a drawing that you created with the pencils in your very own hand.
But then comes that “how-the-heck-am-I-going-to-draw-my-precious-bundle-of-love-the-way-I-really-want-to?” feeling washing over you...
That personality, those unique markings, the one-off antics that have endeared your cherished cat to you —how could you ever capture all of that on a piece of paper?
It’s a challenge for sure… and one that has kept countless pet-loving artists from ever getting started…
The great news is that Darrel Tank loves pets — and knows a few tricks about drawing them.
And Darrel’s newest drawing series Lazy Cat: The Cat Lover’s Guide to Drawing a Purrrfect Pet Portrait walks you through the entire process of drawing a kitty the way you always imagined.
There’s no need to fear drawing fur any more!
Imagine the fantastic feeling of looking at your pet’s full body of fur and not feeling overwhelmed or “in over your head.” Having the confidence to place that first stroke and gradually work your way from a basic form to the stunning, attention-grabbing tribute to your beloved pet.
Darrel makes this dream a reality in The Cat Lover’s Guide to Drawing a Purrrfect Pet Portrait by presenting you with everything you need to get started. From the best tools and brands for the job, to the skills you need to know to start your portrait on a firm foundation!
Lazy Cat paves the way for your journey into the world of animal drawing. With a full range of challenges like dense, multi-colored fur, pensive cat eyes, protruding whiskers, a chance to break out your colored pencils, and much, much more—Lazy Cat is the perfect opportunity to master skills that can be applied to any and all of your favorite animal drawings!
Darrel’s thoughtful and thorough teaching style, backed by his 50 years of drawing experience make this 6-DVD set a powerful player in your art education.
I love to watch Darrel draw, and I'm amazed at how he's able to help me improve. Every class I learn something and improve!” — Cindy
The Cat Lover’s Guide to Drawing a Purrrfect Pet Portrait offers you the chance to…
Broaden Your Skills
Discover how easy it is to transfer your human portrait drawing skills to the exciting world of animal drawing! Whether you’re drawing your precious kitty, or your best friends favorite pooch, the skills Darrel shares in this series can be adapted to give you confidence when drawing any animal project!
Pay Tribute to Your Pets
When a pet has become a part of the family, it’s hard to see them go. Drawing a portrait of your beloved family member can help to alleviate the pain of losing them and the heart-felt work of art will stand as a special tribute to your pet for years to come.
Dabble In Color
Mention the 5-Pencil Method and most folks don’t think of colored pencils, but in this series Darrel incorporates a splash of color into his portrait for the first time in Art Studio. The cat’s eyes come alive as Darrel teaches you to blend colors to create the perfect combination of color and reflection.
Most cats start as a kitten—but not Lazy Cat! Lazy Cat starts with you, a straightedge and divider, plus the layout drawing skills Darrel has to share in these first two classes. Learn how to size your drawing, without accidentally running off the edge of the paper, and discover the secrets to starting accurate and staying accurate throughout the entire drawing process.
Don’t let the fear of drawing “all that fur” keep you from drawing your beloved pets! In these four classes, Darrel guides you through the entire process of drawing felines. From “roughing in the form” to blending values and creating variation among the hairs—it’s all there. You’ll be amazed by how fast and fun it can be to draw fur!
There’s nothing much more eye-catching than a splash of color on a black-and-white portrait. In the case of Lazy Cat, the color comes in those amazing “cat eyes” and the little pink nose. You’ll learn which colored pencils Darrel recommends, how he seamlessly combines graphite and colored pencil, and other terrific tips for blending colors to create one-of-a-kind combinations.
This is where your drawing goes from good to great! Darrel is known for his attention to detail, and in these two class he works to instill that value in you. You’ll learn how to start viewing your work with a more critical eye and to gain the skills needed to spot inconsistencies before they become an issue. Few artists are willing to take their work this far, but if you will put in the time and energy, you’re sure to be rewarded with art that goes above and beyond.
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