See what Darrel’s students
were able to accomplish
in just 22 classes…

What these 8 aspiring artists achieved in just 22 classes surprised
even themselves—not to mention their friends and family! Some
were drawing a portrait for the first time, others had limited
experience, but all were amazed at how much they improved...

Jackie Lanius

Work and raising a family always stood between Jackie and her
love of art. Now, recently retired, drawing portraits has become
a favorite pastime.

Barbara LaChapelle

A proud grandmother from California. Barbara loved drawing
in high school, but stopped until about one year ago.

Christine Frame

Christine currently works for a nursing home in her home state of
New Jersey. She spends her free time honing her drawing skills.

Terry Holmes

Despite repeated health issues and never ending house repairs,
Terry has become a devoted fan of graphite pencil drawing.

Sarah A.

A lover of hiking, camping, opera, and now drawing!

Gail Morton

Gail is new to the drawing scene, this project is actually
her first portrait drawing experience.

Joe Panton

A retired aircraft engineer originally from Scotland.
Joe became interested in art and drawing after his retirement
several years ago.

Bonnie R.

After endless “how to” books and much frustration, Bonnie
discovered the 5-Pencil Method and is now living her dream of
drawing realistic portraits.

Dana Worley

An appliance repairman from Tennessee and enthusiastic
student of graphite drawing.

Kathleen McManus

For 28 years, Kathleen was a stay-at-home mother of three boys.
Now, with the youngest out of the house, she has turned her
attention to drawing in hopes of one day making it a business.

to learn how to draw this
soul-stirring portrait yourself!