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tutorials on DVD.
I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the free video tutorials that give you the foundation for drawing with the 5-pencil method. Thousands of students have gone through the videos and the response has been overwhelming.
(If you haven’t watched the free tutorials, you can sign up here.)
There have been lots of requests to put all of the video tutorials onto a DVD.
Many of you have said that you’d rather watch the tutorials on your TV than online; or that you wanted to own a copy to make sure can watch the lessons anytime even when away from an Internet connection.
Well, your wish has come true. All of the lessons in the 5-pencil method introductory series are now on a DVD called Core Concepts & Exercises.
This DVD contains all of those videos that were emailed to you to watch online for free: it covers the materials, the tapered stroke, patches, the sphere and how light works.
Plus, there’s a new 47-minute video on this Core Concepts & Exercises DVD that goes into more detail on all the fundamentals of the 5-pencil method.
This tutorial is only available on the DVD.
Here’s all of the lessons you’ll receive on your
Core Concepts & Exercises DVD.
• Intro to materials 2:39
• Paper 3:07
• Pencils 2:55
• Brush 2:00
• Erasers 5:17
• Lighting 5:00
• Pencil sharpeners 2:36
• Work surface 6:09
• Straight edge 1:29
• Divider 1:30
• Canning lid 1:00
• Fundamental Reasoning 47:12 (NEW!)
• Before You Draw 7:08
• The Tapered Stroke 5:44
• Tracking Exercise 2:25
• How Light Works 14:35
• Patches Exercise 17:45
• Troubleshooting Patches 11:16
• Sphere Exercise 1:04:00
• Troubleshooting the Sphere 15:44
Owning your own copy of this DVD will let you watch the 5-pencil method tutorials anytime—even if you don’t have an Internet connection. And you’ll have the peace of mind that you will always have your own copy of these drawing tutorials.
Of course, you may want to get the DVD just for the extra video, too.
Hi, I’m Debbie. I’m here to make sure that you receive the best possible service.
With tutorials like these, we know you want to get them in your hands as quickly as possible. So I will make sure your order is immediately packaged, addressed, and put in the hands of the trusty delivery people with the utmost speed and care.
And if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about your order, contact me contact me.
I’m here to help!
Core Concepts and Exercises
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