How to Draw "Touchable Textures"
Learn Darrel Tank’s secrets for drawing realistic wood grain, true-to-life glass and water, touchable fabrics, and life-like hair textures that stun!
Can you smell the fresh-cut wood grain, touch the softness of the fabric, feel refreshed by the flowing water, hear the ping of the glass, and sense that a gentle breeze is about to make the hair ripple across the paper in your drawings?
You feel so close, yet you know somehow that you could do better.
This is an oft-visited land of frustration that artists pass through repeatedly on their journey of constant improvement.
If you are ready to stop wishing—to stop beating your head against the wall—and you are ready to start adding softly-touchable, blow-in-the-breezable, refreshingly-flowable, too-good-to-be-drawnable textures to your graphite masterpieces, you’re at the right place...
Think about the satisfaction that you will feel seeing new life flow onto your drawing paper from the pencil that you’re holding in your very own hand. The soft, sweet-smelling fabric. The free-flowing—yet oh-so-perfect—locks of hair. The glass of water that you can clearly see—but still see through.
We’re pretty sure that you already know that Darrel Tank is an accomplished artist and teacher that has helped tens of thousands of students improve their art skills. There’s even a good chance that Darrel has already helped you improve your art skills with one or more of his world-class art tutorials.
The good news for lovers-of-drawing everywhere is...
Darrel Tank’s Art Studio Lessons 25 - 32 is now available
These next 8 Art Studio lessons are jam-packed with all the same style of goodness that the first 24 lessons have made available.
We expect that you may be chomping at the bit for us to stop right here and let you click the “Buy Now” button below this sentence and get one of these DVD sets started on it’s way through the mail to you right away—or to get a download started so you can begin your lessons in the next couple of minutes.
(Of course, if you want to learn a little more... keep scrolling down. We got a lot more to show you about the fun you can have with texture.)
Hardest thing about doing this is stopping, it's a lot of fun, and you don't want to stop." — Bonnie
Texture Drawing Textbook
Take a look around you; textures are everywhere, and you’re going to be faced with drawing them at some point in your odyssey. It’s best to be prepared! With Art Studio you’ll be ready and waiting. Lessons 25 through 32 dish out the inside scoop on drawing lifelike textures. Clothing, wood, skin, hair, and more—all from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.
Drawing Perfect Hair
Drawing a good head of hair takes less time than it takes many people to style their own! And once you know the secrets, you can draw any style or color with ease. In this boxed set, you’ll learn which pencil Darrel deems his hair pencil as well as effective techniques for using it.
Chance to Review
That brain of yours is a powerful machine! You can run it all day long, and it won’t even get winded. However, it does require a little housekeeping from time to time. In this set of lessons, Darrel leads you through a review of the skills you’re acquiring. You’ll take a step back to re-evaluate all you’ve learned and then lock that information in for good.
Make It Fun!
Many people get to hair and clothing textures and suffer a bit of a meltdown. They’re convinced that these textures are too hard to draw and there’s no way they could ever master the necessary techniques. But Darrel has coined a favorite phrase to encourage them: “Have fun drawing!” His 40-plus years of experience and a dynamic teaching style will help you gain the skills you need to take the frustration out of drawing and replace it with fun!
  • 8 “Uncut” Art Studio classes that give you access to everything Darrel taught in each class
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  • PDFS of all the homework assignments, handouts and class resources
  • Selected student critiques at the end of lessons to show Darrel’s recommendations for improving your own assignments
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Art Studio Lessons 25-32
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Drawing Wood Textures
It would be easy to look at a piece of wood—with its repeating patterns, intricate grain, and countless cracks and crevices—and feel despair; but there’s no need for that. In Lesson 25, you’ll learn to draw wood patterns with ease! Discover how to capture the essence of the wood without spending hours or days rendering every detail.
Fabric Textures Revealed
Clothing doesn’t make the man or woman, but it sure does bring your portrait together! That’s precisely why Darrel turns his focus to fabric in this fun and informative lesson. Learn to look past the textures to see how rules of light, perspective, and the tapered stroke work together to create lifelike clothing.
Drawing White Hair
Lesson 27 kicks off a series of four different hair colors and styles. In this first part, Darrel reveals his secrets for drawing white, straight hair. You’ll learn to contrast values to maintain the light hair color and will also find out how Darrel balances the use of his pencils, soft brush, and kneaded eraser for a jaw-dropping finished product.
Wavy Blonde Hair
Next in the lineup is wavy blonde hair. Learn how to relax your stroke and capture the free spirit and light value of this fun hairstyle. Darrel reinforces his favorite rule, “everything gets darker as it moves away from the light,” which is exactly what you’ll learn as you weave wavy locks of hair under and over each other to create a realistic head of hair!
Curly Black Hair
Have fun as you “squiggle” your way through Lesson 29. Although drawing curly black hair may seem like a completely new venture, many of the same hair-drawing techniques apply. In addition, Darrel will teach you how to create dark, black hair without increasing the pressure of your stroke or moving beyond a 4B pencil.
Wavy Brunette Hair
The tapered stroke, buffer zone, edge to value, and contour—run-of-the-mill terms for the seasoned Art Studio student—are all a part of this powerhouse lesson! You’ll have a chance to put your drawing skills to the test as you render long, wavy locks that will fool even the sharpest of eyes.
Let's Review!
With so much great information coming your way in the previous seven lessons, you’re going to need a chance to let it all soak in! Lesson 31 is all about taking what you’ve learned and putting it into context. Darrel takes a look back at each of his texture and hair drawings, comparing and contrasting techniques as he works through a comprehensive checklist.
Draw A Glass of Water
Few things look as cool as a glass of water drawn with a pencil. It’s as if it defies logic—free flowing water, drawn with the stiff lead of a pencil. But that’s just what you’ll create in this exciting lesson! You’ll learn to “think like water” as you relax your stroke and just go with the flow, ending with a stunning portrait that will have your friends wondering if the glass is half full or half empty.
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