Do these common drawing mistakes
limit your potential?
You’ve probably experienced it.
It’s the “normal” way that most of us learn to draw. Most of the time, it is also the way that we naturally teach ourselves how to draw when left on our own to just figure it out.
You may have been drawing for years — or perhaps you’ve just bought your first “how-to” book from the local craft store. Either way, there’s a good chance that your drawings, as good as they are, wouldn’t argue with having a few new pencil tricks to use on them.
Do you ever feel “locked in”?
There’s a good chance that you find that your current drawing approach leaves you “locked in” and prevents you from correcting the mistakes that you see only after it’s too late; and when you go to fix the issues, your heroic efforts leave you with high blood pressure and an “I quit!” mood hanging over you.
Many times, artists (aspiring or not) find that this “normal” approach leaves their drawings feeling flat, yawn-inducing, maybe even cartoonish, and certainly not the “get-up-and-walk-off-the-page”, “stop-you-in-your-tracks” masterpiece that they had set out to make.
Unlock your drawing skills…
There’s a simple answer to this frustration. Darrel Tank’s Art Studio lessons 1-8 give you the power to take control of your drawings from the very start!
No more staring at a blank sheet of paper and wondering how to turn your pencil strokes into the work of art you’re hoping to create. Gone are the days of reading a drawing book and then trying to figure out how in the world those words translate to the paper glaring up at you.
With Darrel’s unique virtual classroom you can watch, rewatch, and draw along as Darrel breaks down each step and applies his 40+ years of drawing wisdom.
(Of course, if you want to learn a little more... keep scrolling down. We got a lot more to show you about the fun you are going to have with drawing.)
I'm ready for another exciting class! I'm learning so much. I can't believe how helpful these classes are!!" — Cindy
Back to Basics
Lessons 1-8 are the core, the nucleus, the nitty-gritty! Whatever you want to call them, this set is the perfect place to start your adventure as an artist. You’ll unveil the basic tools and techniques needed to get started, catch a whiff of Darrel’s recipes for success, and get a good look at what makes the 5-Pencil Method so special!
Know Your Tools
Do you have tools in your garage that you don’t even know how to use? A tool can’t be very useful if it’s not doing what it was born to do, wouldn’t you say? That’s why Darrel not only hooks you up with his time-tested tools of choice, but he assigns exercises specifically designed to teach you how to use them—all the while furthering your skill set!
The Light Advantage
Once you understand that light (or the lack thereof) affects every teensy-weensy inch of your drawing, you’ll be light years ahead of the rest! It’s a fundamental truth that so many artists ignore—but not Darrel! He’ll show you the ins and outs of light and how consistently representing it in your drawings will have your audience crying foul play—“That can’t be pencil!”
Time Tested
It all comes down to experience, and Darrel’s got it! With 40-plus years of trial and error under his belt, he’s both able and willing to help you avoid some of the pitfalls you’re bound to face on your own journey. The road to being an artist doesn’t have to be one teeming with frustrations! Why not let Darrel’s experience make it more enjoyable?
  • 8 “Uncut” Art Studio classes that give you access to everything Darrel taught in each class
  • Your choice of a 4-DVD boxed set or 8 downloadable video files
  • Download format can be played on your computer through iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or other video-compatible mobile device. (Plus, you don’t pay shipping—or wait for customs.)
  • “Region 0” DVDs can be played on any DVD player in any country
  • PDFS of all the homework assignments, handouts and class resources
  • Selected student critiques at the end of lessons to show Darrel’s recommendations for improving your own assignments
  • A no-risk, peace-of-mind guarantee that gives you a 365-day tryout—love it or we’ll buy it back!
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Preparing to Succeed
Discover the reasons that the 5-Pencil Method materials were selected and the special properties of each one that make them work together. Plus, learn the elements of the tapered stroke and how mastering this basic skill is the foundation to your drawing success.
Perfect your Stroke
Take a deeper look at the fundamental components of the 5-Pencil Method and how they all works together to put you in control of your drawings. You’ll also learn how to use your tapered stroke to create consistent lines that you will use for almost everything you draw.
The Eraser as a Tool
The kneaded eraser is a tool for drawing—not just for fixing mistakes. In this lesson you will discover the 5-Pencil Method technique for using your eraser; how to use your pencils and eraser together to draw smooth, seamless contours; and how the shape of your eraser makes all the difference.
Bending the Rules of Light
Learn to spot the clues that will tell you which direction your light source is coming from—and whether there is more than one light source. Also, find out how light, with the help of shadow, creates the illusion of depth, making your drawings pop off the page.
Putting it all Together
When you put all of your pencils together, you can create what Darrel calls a “full range of value,” which creates the illusion of 3 dimensions. You’ll learn skills like which pencil to use first, the order to layer your pencils, which direction you should be making your strokes, and how to “doodle in the gaps.”
The Safety Buffer Zone
Sometimes a simple little technique makes all the difference. Here’s a secret that will help you stay expressive with your stroke while staying in control of your drawing.
Visualizing Light Direction
In this lesson you’ll learn a step-by-step process for actually visualizing light direction. You’ll start with a simple, flat image defined only by outlines and follow a process that will unveil light’s crucial role in making your images come off the page.
Make it Your Own
Learn how to analyze your own artwork. Darrel will take you through a 29-step self-critique checklist that will help you avoid the common stumbling blocks that stand in the way of achieving your best results. Armed with knowledge, you can approach your drawings with newfound confidence.
Every tutorial comes with our 1-year satisfaction guarantee! That means there’s zero risk. If you get your tutorial and decide that it isn’t everything you hoped it would be, you can pop it back in the mail and we’ll give you your money back—no questions asked.