Drawing Secrets For People Who Want to Create Realistic Pencil Portraits

Looking for 5-Pencil Method drawing supplies? Here's a list of tools that Darrel uses and some places to purchase them


How to Draw Portraits With Realistic Skin

Finally, a book that guides you step-by-step through what it takes to draw portraits with realistic skin! No filler, no fluff — just valuable drawing insight from Darrel Tank’s more than 50 years as a professional artist and illustrator. Plus, you’ll get a 48-minute BONUS Drawing Training where you’ll discover Darrel’s powerful Tapered Stroke and much more! Comes in convenient digital format so you can download and enjoy immediately.




The Must-Have Pencil Skills for Every 5-Pencil Method Artist

Say “goodbye” to drawings that fall short of your expectations, and “hello” to the joy of creating art you can be proud to call your own! Become the master of your pencils with these time-tested, frustration-free drawing techniques.





How to Draw Accurately Every Time

Discover how the straightedge and divider method allows you to check for proper angles, distances, and proportions from the very start of your drawing. It’s also one of the few ways that you can regularly check for accuracy at any point in the drawing process— this saves you from painful discoveries at the end.





A Moment-by-Moment Journey Through Drawing a Soul-Stirring Portrait

A next-level portrait-drawing experience featuring crucial skills like drawing aged skin, curly hair, and various clothing textures. The perfect opportunity to practice a wide variety of skills while creating a soul-stirring portrait viewers won’t soon forget!





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“I still believe Darrel's videos got me through the tough times going through my chemo treatments. Got me back to my drawing and got my mind off the rough times.”


“If I had not stumbled across Darrel Tank's awesome site and got a spark for art back in my life, I would never have started drawing again. If I had not learned to draw with the tools Darrel recommends I would have been discouraged and given up a long time ago.”

“In a year I went from not being able to draw anything to drawing very realistic portraits. Thanks to Darrel's great teachings, patience, and encouragement.”


“I cannot thank you enough for all of your 5-Pencil Method tutorials. Absolute beginners and advanced portrait artists alike can garner much skill and confidence by taking your classes. I truly cannot thank you enough. My portraits (pets and people!) have improved 100% since participating in the online classes.”

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