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Online Drawing Classes


Darrel Tank’s online drawing class (Art Studio, as we like to call it) exists for one purpose:


To help you uncover and develop your drawing talent!


Art Studio is your headquarters for learning how to draw realistic portraits, landscapes, animals, and more!

It’s simple…

... just log in to your custom profile and gain instant and unlimited access to all of the powerful drawing project videos within! (19 exciting projects currently, with a new class added each week).


Get unprecedented exposure to Darrel’s lifetime of drawing experience and discover fundamental skills like:


  • Recommendations for the proper materials for the most realistic drawings possible AND the reasoning behind each choice...
  • A proven way to hold a pencil and position your hand for consistently accurate strokes…
  • The secret to creating “3D” drawings that seem to “pop” right off of your paper…
  • How to layout your drawings using a method that virtually guarantees accuracy…
  • And much much more!


Plus, with our huge supply of step-by-step, guided drawing projects, you’ll never have to search for a portrait or landscape subject on which to practice these skills!



Pair all of this with the ability to chat with other artists from around the world during live classes, access to the 5-Pencil Method Community for sharing your artwork, and special pricing and promotions on new class DVDs and downloads…


… And you have the ultimate resource for mastering realistic drawing—regardless of your current skill level!


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Here’s what Darrel’s students are saying about Art Studio…


“I love to watch Darrel draw, and I’m amazed at how he’s able to help me improve. Every class I learn something and improve!”


“Hardest thing about doing this is stopping, it’s a lot of fun and you don’t want to stop!”


“This technique is just unique.. I searched the internet and no one that I have found can teach  drawing  like Darrel does. That tapered stroke and 5 pencil method is just awesome!”


“In a year, I went from not being able to draw anything to drawing very realistic portraits thanks to Darrel’s great teachings, patience, and encouragement.”


“I have a degree in fine arts. Darrel is the best teacher I ever had.”


Your Art Studio membership lets you...


✓ Access The Must-Have Pencil Skills for Every 5-Pencil Method Artist, plus every other class collection currently available in the studio—on demand.


✓ Search classes by keyword or phrase so you don’t have to waste time trying to locate important information.


✓ Hone your skills with free downloads all of the resources, handouts, and exercises Darrel references in each class.


✓ Join Darrel and fellow students from around the world each week for a new LIVE class where you’ll continue working on the current Art Studio drawing project.


✓Save big on all new 5-Pencil Method products and all drawing supplies in the 5-Pencil Method store!




Over his 40+ years as a professional artist and illustrator, Darrel Tank’s art works have been included in more than 400 publications and his 5-Pencil Method for drawing has dramatically improved the art of thousands of overjoyed students—now’s your chance to join the ranks!


Enroll now and start having fun!


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“I still believe Darrel's videos got me through the tough times going through my chemo treatments. Got me back to my drawing and got my mind off the rough times.”


“If I had not stumbled across Darrel Tank's awesome site and got a spark for art back in my life, I would never have started drawing again. If I had not learned to draw with the tools Darrel recommends I would have been discouraged and given up a long time ago.”

“In a year I went from not being able to draw anything to drawing very realistic portraits. Thanks to Darrel's great teachings, patience, and encouragement.”


“I cannot thank you enough for all of your 5-Pencil Method tutorials. Absolute beginners and advanced portrait artists alike can garner much skill and confidence by taking your classes. I truly cannot thank you enough. My portraits (pets and people!) have improved 100% since participating in the online classes.”

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